Chico State Tiny House

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Blake Bergh

I am a Civil Engineering student passionate about the design and construction challenges associated with Tiny Houses. I'm intrigued by the challenge of living comfortably and efficiently in a small space and by the innovative engineering solutions required to achieve a sustainable housing option.




Joe Dell'Osso

Joe Dell'Osso

I am a senior construction management student at CSU Chico. I am very motivated by the tiny house movement and the challenges that arise from living spaciously, economically and environmentally responsible. I have truly grown to appreciate the opportunity to work with students from a diverse group of majors that have all come together in like mind and motivation to provide the best project possible.




Brandon Ruiz

Brandon Ruiz

My name is Brandon Ruiz-Bazua, I am from Indio California, majoring in construction management. Some hobbies include, hanging out, going to the gym, working on cars, and many other things. I became interested in Tiny House, during club rush, and I instantly knew it would be something fun and challenging to be involve in.





Angel Sanchez

I'm a mechanical and mechatronics engineering major with a minor in manufacturing I'm a senior. I have been involved with ASME, BAJA, AIME, SME, EAE, Habitat for Humanity, DBIA, just to name a few.






Tito Guerrero

My name is Tito Guerrero and I am a senior majoring in civil engineering. I grew up at the bay area where green, sustainable buildings are present and people nowadays are considering making them since they're now more affordable.. Designing residential houses and buildings is something I want to get into so, once I've heard that Chico State is forming this club, I had to get involved in it! I know I'll learn a lot through this project so I can't wait to see the end result!






Andrew Bautista

I am a Junior Civil Engineering student specializing in Structural Engineering and water resources. I joined tiny house in the Fall of 2014 because I really liked the idea of taking a 3000 sq. ft. House and making it only 300 sq. ft., I think it's an amazing engineering and design project!






Anthony Burgess

My name is Anthony Burgess and I am a fifth year Civil Engineering student with a primary focus is Wastewater Engineering. I come from a rural town in Northern CA and understand the need for more practical and sustainable options for our future. My passion for sustainability has helped lead me into many wonderful and unique opportunities and programs such as the Chico State Tiny Home competition.


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